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About HammerPins

How it all started...

It is the summer of 2008 and a man is driving home from a bowling tournament held at a bowling center in a different county than his own. As he drove home with a few extra dollars in his pocket, he reflected on how fortunate he was that he had heard about the out-of-town tournament in the first place.

He then wondered about how many tournaments were held each year that bowlers could not attend because they did not know about them. What if there was a place that could inform bowlers nationwide of upcoming tournaments in their area? Because of this apparent need, HammerPins.net was born.

Development team

HammerPins.net is the product of Dennis and Darren Emory, a father and son team who have spent untold hours on their labor of love, who desire nothing more than to keep the bowling public abreast of upcoming tournaments in their general areas, hopefully bringing bowlers and bowling establishments together to increase interest in the sport.

Dennis Emory

Dennis Emory (dennis[a]hammerpins.net), University of Phoenix, class of 2009, wrote the back-end of HammerPins, which is the code that makes the site work. Dennis enjoys doing puzzles and logic problems, so programming is really a natural environment for him. Dennis is also an avid bowler who bowls in 2 to 3 leagues per season and participates in many tournaments in California and Nevada.

Darren Emory

Darren Emory (darren[a]hammerpins.net), Northwest Nazarene University, class of 2008, is responsible for designing the pleasant, intuitive product you see when visiting our HammerPins.net. Darren is a self-taught designer, who in addition to his UI lead position with SpectrumDNA, owns Reformata (reformata.net), his freelance design business. Darren has not yet taken up the sport of bowling, but his Dad is working on him!